Morgantown Theatre Company announces our Summer 2017 series of workshops and camps this summer to help the children in our community learn various aspects of performance. Our sessions are open to all children in the area, from beginner to expert, elementary to teenager! Continue reading for all classes offered, then click here to register.

*Sign up for two or more classes and camps and receive up to 20% off each class! See the Fees section for details. Each class must fill the minimum requirement or class will not be offered


Theatre Summer Camp
How to Become a Better Performer!

Grades (2-8)

This summer, join MTC for a summer of learning, collaboration, entertainment, and fun! Throughout our three-week summer camps, students will learn basic skills and techniques that will help them become better performers, all the while strengthening their creative skills and making sure they have a great time while doing so!

Arrival 8:30-9:00
Programming 9:00-12:00
Lunch (if staying for Makeup and/or Tap) 12:00-12:45
Mid morning snack provided
* If camper is staying for Makeup or Tap class, please bring a lunch.
Showcase Friday at noon

Weekly Breakdown
Musical Theatre – Becoming A Broadway Star!
July 10-14 ($100)* Monday – Friday
This week will focus on what it takes to be in a musical. Campers will about learn Broadway and will have a blast learning songs and dances from popular broadway shows!

Acting Technique – Amazing Actor’s Adventure!
July 24-28 ($100)* Monday – Friday
Campers will demonstrate how different games can be both fun and helpful in rehearsals! Improv games, tongue twisters, teamwork exercises, and other acting techniques will be explored to enhance the actor for future performances!

Creating a Musical – Don’t Dream It, Be It! July 31 – Aug 4 ($100)* Monday – Friday
Campers will create their own musical! Using popular stories and songs, actors will write original lyrics, choreograph dances, construct their own costumes, and perform in a musical which they have created. This week will encompass everything musical theatre is about – working as a team and having fun!

Acting Classes
Fundamental Concepts of Acting

Grades 7-12 and college freshman

Over a course of three weeks we will be teaching a number of acting techniques to give your child the tools to become a better performer. Through exciting and immersive theatre activities, we will create a fun and open atmosphere for your child to participate. Our main goal is to have fun while learning the basic building blocks to becoming a better actor!

Arrival 9:30-10:00
Programming 10:00-12:00
Lunch (if staying for Makeup and/or Tap) 12:00-12:45
Mid morning snack provided
If actor is staying for Makeup or Tap class, please bring a lunch.

Week Breakdown
Getting Started/The Essentials of Building a Character
July 17 – 20, Monday- Thursday  ($50)*
Daily activities will be a mix of medium physical activity and discussion. It is important to be active and participate in the daily exercises so everyone gains the same experience! Some activities will include: character development exercises, diction tongue twisters, and monologue preparation.

Improvisation/ Acting Technique – Breaking Boundaries
July 24-27, Monday-Thursday ($50)*
This week will focus on expanding on an actor’s duty on stage. Some activities this week include: improv games, audition preparation, and different acting theories from Chekhov to Stanislavsky!

Comedy Acting/ Acting Technique – Make Em’ Laugh!
July 31- Aug 3, Monday – Thursday ($50)*
The final week of class will consist of what makes a comedy. Actors will learn how to effectively use comedic timing, how their body is an instrument, and clowning exercises!

Makeup and Tap Workshop
Widening the Actor’s Craft

The makeup and tap workshops aim at making each actor more aware of the importance both stage makeup and dance.

Makeup (Mondays and Wednesdays 12:45-2:00)
July 10- Aug 2
$50 for all 8 workshops or $7 per class                                                                   Grades 2nd – College Freshman
Learn how theatre makeup can change a character! Classes will be divided by experience and skill level. Younger students and beginners will learn how to apply their own makeup, basic corrective makeup, and move on to highlight/shadow and contouring. More advanced makeup artists and older students will move onto more challenging makeup such as: aging, fantasy, and cross gender.

Tap (Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:45-2:00)
July 6- Aug 3
$50 for all 9 workshops or $6 per class
Grades 2nd – College Freshman
Tap your way to becoming a star! This workshop will also be split by skill level. Beginners will learn the basic steps. While more advanced tappers will learn challenging, yet exciting combinations!


Grades 2-8
Camp one week                    $100.00
Camp two weeks                  $190.00
Camp three weeks               $270.00

Camp one week plus Tap OR Makeup            $142.50
Camp one week plus Tap AND Makeup         $180.00
Camp two weeks plus Tap OR Makeup          $225.00
Camp two weeks plus Tap AND Makeup       $255.00
Camp three weeks plus Tap OR Make up      $297.50
Camp three weeks plus Tap AND Makeup    $320.00

all ages
Tap                                             $50.00
Make up                                    $50.00
Tap and Makeup only            $95.00

Grades 7-12
Acting one week                                                    $50.00
Acting two weeks                                                  $95.00
Acting three weeks                                               $135.00
Acting one week plus Tap OR Makeup            $95.00
Acting one week plus Tap AND Makeup         $135.00
Acting two weeks plus Tap OR Makeup          $135.00
Acting two weeks plus Tap AND Makeup       $170.00
Acting three weeks plus Tap OR Makeup       $170.00
Acting three weeks plus Tap AND Makeup    $200.00