MTC 2024 Summer Camp

WEEK 1: July 15th-19th

Disney Magic! 

Campers will join in dancing, singing, and everything Disney!

WEEK 2: July 22nd-26th

Broadway Babies!

Campers will explore what makes a Broadway show and participate in songs, dance, and acting exercises from various Broadway staples!

WEEK 3: July 29th – August 2nd

Fairytale Fantasy!

Campers will put a spin on popular Fairy Tales to make them their own!

WEEK 4: August 5th-9th

An MTC Mystery?!

Was it the butler? Come find out and solve the crime with us as we learn about mystery theatre!

WEEK 5: August 12th-16th

MTC Magic!

This camp will explore all things magic in theatre! From the Wizard of Oz to Into The Woods, theatre loves a magical antagonist!